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We mainly focus on discovering the fundamental science of supramolecular chemistry featuring host-guest interactions, self-assembly and molecular machinery. With the novel molecules and recognition motifs we have developed, we aimed to design and fabricate advanced materials including porous crystals (MOFs, COFs), interwoven polymers, and biodegradable composites for clean energy and health. More recently, we expand our research interest into carbon nanobelts, a challenging topic in nanocarbon chemistry and materials science.

Molecular Belts and Hoops

Macrocyclic molecules capable of host-guest complexation are central to the development of modern supramolecular chemistry. The construction of belt-like, highly-strained molecules has been an elusive goal for synthetic chemist. This project focuses on design novel nanobelts, developing of efficient synthetic strategies, and probing applications in supramolecular assembly and advanced functional materials.


Interlocked Molecular Architectures

Interpenetrated or interlocked structures have been the base for developing complex molecular architectures which can mimic biological molecular machine. Our research focuses including design and synthesis of novel mechanically interlocked molecules (chiral rotaxanes and catenanes), using supramolecular approaches to regulate physical and chemical properties of molecular components (suitanes, fluorescent rotaxanes), precisely assembling oligomers or polymers (molecular rotors and pumps, molecular machines).


Dynamic & Robust Materials

The combination of non-covalent interactions with covalent bindings in framework construction can furnish a robust yet dynamic material. With both softness and rigidity integrated, such materials have diverse applications in many aspects. We have been focusing in design and synthesis of porous crystalline materials with dynamic components (cages, MOFs, COFs), polymers with mechanically interlocked junctions (interwoven polymers), biodegradable organic/inorganic complex materials for clean energy and environment.

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